New Catholic Charity Established To Assist Church Members Fired For Refusing COVID Vaccinations

A Catholic charity has been launched by the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima to benefit Catholics who have lost their jobs because they refused to take a COVID-19 vaccination. The new charity is named the Holy Faith Foundation and is endorsed by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

The Biden administration and some state and local governments have encouraged or compelled many U.S. employers to require vaccines for their employees as a condition of employment.

Many Catholics have strong objections of conscience to receiving the vaccine because its development has been linked to the use of aborted fetal tissues. Many Americans have also expressed concerns that the vaccine has not been adequately tested for side effects.

The Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima has developed a template application for a religious exemption to vaccine requirements for persons who object on religious or moral grounds. Persons who join the Confraternity can receive an enrollment certification in support of a request for an exemption.

Some American employers have refused to accept religious exemption requests, and workers have been fired or suspended without pay as a result. Bishop Schneider began urging Catholics to “make a kind of foundation” earlier this year to support families in need because of work vaccine mandates.

The Bishop envisioned a foundation with the specific mission of helping Catholics who “refused any collaboration with the fetal industry.” When discussing the matter with Bishop Schneider, Crisis Magazine editor Eric Sammons said that many newly unemployed Catholics are the “sole breadwinner for their families.”

Sammons went on to say that the new Holy Faith Foundation will provide some financial help to those persons while they look for other employment. The charity’s website says it plans to raise money for grants that provide a short-term bridge between employment.

The grants are expected to be administered by a “committee of faithful Catholics,” with preference given to families that have lost their only source of income due to a vaccine mandate.

The charity has an initial fundraising goal of $250,000 and has raised almost $28,000 in its first week of activity. The foundation is asking for donations in any amount, and they can be recurring or made as a one-time contribution.