New California Law Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Serve On County Central Committees Faces Criticism

“Reform California” is a political action committee chaired by conservative activist Carl DeMaio dedicated to fighting against higher taxes, fees, and mandates imposed by California’s state and local governments.

On Saturday, DeMaio spoke out against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s signing of a new law that permits illegal immigrants to serve on county central committees. In an interview with Fox News, DeMaio said that the law is “absolutely the first step” in a “fundamental redefinition” of who can serve as elected officials in the state.

In California, central country committees are in charge of political parties and government budgeting, and official party business at the county level.

Newsom’s office called the new law part of a larger package of bills related to how the state treats illegal immigrants, expanding California’s “human immigration policies.” One of the new provisions mandates that the word “alien” no longer be used to describe persons in the country who are not American citizens. Newsom referred to aliens in the context of the new laws as “aspiring citizens.”

The new law amends the state’s election code to allow illegals to become appointed or elected county central committees. The bill explicitly permits someone, not a U.S. citizen but would be eligible to vote if “the person were” a citizen to serve on a central committee.

DeMaio pointed out that committee elections appear on every official ballot in the state. As a result of the new law, illegal immigrants will appear on the same ballot as citizens of all political races in California.

He added that the new provision is part of a larger plan to get illegals on ballots and that in some parts of the state, there have already been successful efforts to get illegal aliens on ballots for school board elections. He said the bill is evidence of a clear pattern and is “not going to stop with this bill Newsom signed.”

Other provisions in the new laws enacted by Newsom include classifying attacks on illegal aliens because of immigration status as hate crimes and enhancing immigration protections for unaccompanied minor children who enter the country illegally.