Nevada Democrats Defy Mask Mandate At Billionaire’s Party

Casino Billionaire Steve Wynn held a Las Vegas costume party for the twentieth anniversary of the September 11 attacks in honor of his ex-wife. The guest list, of course, included Nevada’s Democrat power players.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) and Rep. Susie Lee (D-NV) were in attendance and wearing prize-fighter boxing costumes. Even though the Democrat governor of the state, Steve Sisolak, imposed a new mandate requiring masks to be worn indoors just the day before, both lawmakers were photographed partying while maskless.

The party was held at The Cosmopolitan, an “urban chic” club in Las Vegas. The venue has a policy that requires “all guests” to wear masks while indoors.

Elaine Wynn, the guest of honor at the party, has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democratic PACs and candidates over the last twenty years. She has contributed more than $13,000 directly to Rep. Lee alone since 2015.

Invitations to the Wynn event did not specifically encourage invitees to wear costumes, but the Democrat lawmakers were not alone in appearing in costume. Neither Lee nor Rosen responded to requests for comment from the Free Beacon regarding their defiance of their governor’s mask mandate.

Rep. Lee has a track record of being an anti-masker, who stated that visitors to Las Vegas should “swap that mask for your best poker face.”

Sen. Rosen appears to be more hypocritical than her costume partner. She has been strident in urging public compliance with masking requirements, telling her constituents last month that by masking up and getting vaccinated, “we can beat this pandemic” by acting “together.”

The two are only the most recent Democrats caught while ignoring mask mandates ordered by other Democratic officials.

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) is the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He ignored a State Department travel bulletin by traveling to France recently, where he was seen maskless at a party held by a billionaire associate. Maloney has regularly urged Americans to obey mandates as the “right thing to do.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was recently seen maskless at the indoor wedding of Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in New Mexico.

As more COVID-related rules and mandates are handed down by Joe Biden and state and local Democrats, look for lawmakers to exclude themselves from the rules imposed on ordinary Americans.