Nearly 90 Percent Of Illegal Immigrants Let In By Biden Have Refused To Report To ICE As Required

Each migrant taken into the government’s custody is released by the Biden Administration without issuing them a court date to appear for their legal proceedings. Instead, they are provided a 60-day window to report back to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). So far, out of the 50,000 immigrants released by Biden, 90 percent have not bothered to report back.

It is what happens when you take people’s words blindly, expecting them to follow the law when they crossed the borders illegally in the first place. So far, only 13 percent have reported back, which is a meager ratio, and Biden should start taking the issue seriously. According to the reports, out of everyone that reports back, 2.4 have not. Out of these 50,000, for 27,000 of them, the 60-day window has not yet expired, but for about 16,000 of them, it has passed with no record of them showing up again, showing a complete disregard of the state’s legal systems.

Due to the already overcrowded state facilities for detaining these illegal migrants, they are being freed without formal notice to appear in court to determine whether or not they will be deported. Instead, they are being instructed to reach out to the ICE’s of other states and seek court dates for their proceedings. According to Homeland Security’s spokeswoman Meira Bernstein, most of the immigrants released are reporting back and those who aren’t under their allotted time are illegally staying and are subject to deportation by ICE, but that is not stopping them from not showing up.

The strategy to release the illegal immigrants with the 60-day window to report to the ICE was supposed to be a temporary one, adopted during spring. However, almost all of the summer has now passed. Yet, it still carries on as the migrant influx at the southern border increases. Up to 20,000 immigrants are apprehended each day in the Rio Grande valley alone along the southern border, with 7300 released each day without any official notice. The Republicans like Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott are now speaking up against Biden’s open border attitude, blaming it all on him, declaring the current situation is no accident. Biden called for when he released such a significant number of illegal migrants without court dates. The US is fighting a border crisis and the pandemic, and the people are scared for their lives at the hands of the current administration and its brash decisions.