NBC News Scrubs Critical Details About Paul Pelosi Attack

The story regarding the attack of Paul Pelosi keeps on getting stranger as time passes. Americans are still not getting a clear explanation of how this attack was allowed to happen or where the security detail for Pelosi was during the attack.

There have also been conflicting reports as to whether or not the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was alone in the home when his attacker broke in. The more questions Americans ask the fewer are actually being answered.

Now, NBC News is taking heat for scrubbing a report that it made about this attack.

A Questionable Decision
Initially, NBC News reported that while Pelosi was home, he opened the door for police who arrived on the scene. The report furthermore stated the House Speaker’s husband did not mention being under any threat while he spoke to police.

Then, for reasons that remain unknown to many Americans, NBC scrapped this story and even issued an apology for it. According to the network, this latest update about Pelosi’s behavior failed to live up to its own standards of reporting.

Before the deletion, though, NBC News questioned why the husband of the House Speaker did not tell police he was under threat or evacuate the premises once violence broke out.

Questions were also raised about why Pelosi chose to move closer to his attacker in front of the officers, who later witnessed a physical confrontation between the pair.

Following the scrubbing of this report, NBC News now wants Americans to forget all about it. Although there is absolutely no chance of that happening.

Even More to the Story?
NBC News’ shifty approach to the Paul Pelosi attack story is all the more reason why so many Americans do not trust the mainstream media.

In order for the network to initially release these details about Pelosi, they would have needed sources and statements to back up these claims.

To now scrub the report and say it is only being removed because it did not adhere to the network’s standards is a lie that few people are falling for.

In real-time, many people are now questioning whether or not Pelosi personally knew his attacker or had a history with him. The secrecy and lies surrounding this entire situation are definitely sending up serious red flags.