National Guard Members Advised That Refusing Vaccine Will Result In Being “Flagged”

Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Army, Christine Wormuth, has issued an official memo advising American National Guard personnel that they may not be renewed in the guard if they do not comply with the federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate.

The memo stated that the secretary has determined that non-compliant soldiers will be “flagged.” Being flagged will essentially stop a soldier from being promoted or receiving earned awards or bonuses.

Flagged troops who continue in their refusal to be vaccinated will not be allowed “continued service” without an approved exception.

Regular members of the United States armed forces are already subject to a COVID vaccine mandate. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin issued a memo earlier this year that said all U.S. Service members are familiar with mandatory vaccinations and that “mission-critical inoculation” is a long-standing requirement. Austin said that the “safe, effective” vaccine has produced “admirable results.”

The memo instructed the secretaries of the military departments to vaccinate all Armed Forces members “immediately fully.” The directive included all active-duty personnel as well as reservists and members of the National Guard.

The Oklahoma National Guard has taken a position in opposition to Austin’s directive. According to an official release, its members are not required to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

The Oklahoma National Guard release provides that it is a “state-controlled” entity receiving federal funds. It says it takes orders from the Governor of Oklahoma and the chain of command designated by him. If mobilized under federal law by the President, the release says the Guard takes its orders from the President and his chain of command.

The release says that the state’s National Guard policy is that unless The President formally activates guardsmen, they will follow the lawful orders of the Governor. The release notes explicitly that Oklahoma’s Governor has not ordered that Guardsmen receive the COVID-19 vaccine.