Nancy Pelosi Shows How Little She Knows About Being Catholic

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appeared on “Morning Joe” to discuss being denied communion for her vehement pro-abortion stance, and showed how little she knows about being Catholic in the process.

While many Democrats claim to be religious while also supporting abortion, Pelosi’s case is much more egregious, as she openly claims to be a “devout Catholic,” and uses that “devout” or “practicing” Catholic label to defend abortion, and claims that abortion is a “matter of conscience” for Catholics.

During her appearance, the Democrat congresswoman tried to claim that San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone denying her communion is somehow a double standard.

Cordileone notified Pelosi and San Francisco’s clergymen in a letter that she is not to receive communion in the city’s diocese in response to her support of abortion. While the disciplinary action was a response to her abortion views, it was not truly about her position as much as it was about what Catholics call scandal. Scandal occurs when one encourages another person to commit a mortal sin by their words or actions.

In the case of Pelosi, her advocacy for Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry while proclaiming to be a “devout Catholic” could lead a person to believe that receiving an abortion or encouraging another person to get an abortion was permissible. Therefore, she is directly encouraging sin, and that cannot be tolerated. If you are interested in an exhaustive description of the subject of scandal, follow this link.

Responding to the letter, Pelosi told “Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that it wasn’t actually about abortion. Instead, she claimed, abortion is being used as a “frontman” to reverse a wider range of issues related to women and families.

“What is important for women to know and families to know is that this is not just about terminating a pregnancy. These same people are against contraception, family planning and in-vitro fertilization,” Pelosi said. “It’s a blanket thing, and they use abortion as a frontman for it while they try to undo so much. That’s what they tried to do in the Affordable Care Act, which didn’t have anything to do with terminating a pregnancy.”

Contraception and in-vitro fertilization have always been prohibited by the Catholic Church, this is nothing new. The “family planning” comment is subjective though, as she gives no actual description as to what that phrase actually means. Regardless, the Church has never tried to hide its opposition to these issues, so it is an absolute lie that abortion is a “frontman” for these issues. They are separate problems that the Church, and those who follow its teachings, want to deal with.

The California congresswoman then pointed to the Catholic Church’s opposition to the death penalty, attempting to use that as an argument as to the hypocrisy of the church, as the clergyman do not appear to deny communion to people who advocate for capital punishment.

“I wonder about the death penalty, which I am opposed to, so is the Church. But they take no action against people who may not share their view,” Pelosi said. “Thank you for referencing the Gospel of Matthew, which is sort of the agenda of the Church that is rejected by many who side with them on terminating a pregnancy. So, we just have to be prayerful, we have to be respectful.”

Comparing the death penalty to abortion is a favorite strategy of pro-abortion advocates, especially when attempting to argue with Catholics. This argument falls short for several reasons. Firstly, comparing the life of a convicted murderer to the life of an unborn innocent child is both ridiculous and obscene.

Red State argues the second point perfectly, writing: “While the Catholic Church has come to oppose the death penalty, it is forbidden to attach ecclesiastical penalties to supporting it. Why? Because the dogma that gives the Magisterium, that is, the teaching authority of the Church, its power is that, by definition, it is inerrant and unchanging. From the earliest days of the Church, the death penalty, when imposed by properly instituted civil authority, has been deemed lawful.”

“Luke, writing in Acts of the Apostles and Saint Paul in his Epistle to the Romans, endorse the right of civil authorities to impose the death penalty,” Red State continues. “In the very first written catechism of the Catholic Church, the Catechism of the Council of Trent (1566), the death penalty is explicitly endorsed.”

Despite Pelosi’s whining, the last thing that Archbishop Cordileone is doing is “foisting” his beliefs on her. Adhering to the beliefs of the Catholic Church is literally central to being Catholic.

When a person wishes to join the Catholic Church, they are required to make a Profession of Faith, stating: “I believe and profess all that the holy Catholic Church believes, teaches, and proclaims to be revealed by God.”

By denying that teaching through supporting something expressly forbidden by the Church, Pelosi reveals that she is not acting according to her conscience, she is putting her politics above her alleged faith. Her unwillingness to listen to the archbishop and understand what she is doing speaks much more to her separation from Christianity than to any abuse of power she claims the Church is committing.