Nancy Pelosi Claims Restrictions On Abortion Are ‘Sinful’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has declared that restrictions on abortion are “sinful,” drawing intense criticism from Catholics across America for the self-proclaimed Catholic congresswoman.

The statement was made at a Roundtable on Women’s Reproductive Health, where the topic of abortion came up. The event was held at the University of California in San Francisco.

Pelosi called any disagreement with abortion an “assault on women of color” and “sinful.”

“But one word that pervaded through all of the discussion was the word ‘justice.’ The fact that this is such an assault on women of color and women — lower income families — is just sinful,” Pelosi told the audience.

Pelosi clearly has things confused; the assault on women of color and people in lower income brackets are coming from the leftists convincing them not to have families.

“It’s sinful. It’s wrong that they would be able to say to women what they think women should be doing with their lives and their bodies. But it’s sinful, the injustice of it all,” she said.

When the Supreme Court removed the Roe v. Wade ruling, the California Democrat called the constitutionally-backed decision “outrageous and heart-wrenching” and showed the GOP’s “dark and extreme goal of ripping away women’s right to make their own reproductive health decisions.”

Pelosi’s use of religious terminology to go directly against the Church she claims to be a part of tells you all you need to know about the Democrat Party today.