Musk On Gas Ban: No Way

Natural gas is an essential part of our modern life. The aborted effort by the Biden Administration to ban gas stoves is on the back burner for now. And to Elon Musk, that’s where it should stay.

The Twitter and Tesla CEO has weighed in on the latest example of government overreach. It’s just not feasible, the electric car magnate said.

Keep in mind, this is Elon Musk we’re talking about. He founded Tesla and SpaceX in part because of his belief in climate change. He’s not some conservative firebrand.

When Elon Musk is right, he’s right. There is little chance that our country could kick fossil fuels, much less clean burning gas, in the near future. In fact, the recent war between Ukraine and Russia showed just how much we need our traditional fuel sources.

Even though the Biden Administration is holding back on the gas stove ban, multiple Democrat-run cities are going forward with it anyway. There are multiple cities that are banning or restricting new gas appliances, with Los Angeles and New York being among them.

This ban is unlikely to lead to a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, even if it went into effect. Similar to what European countries found by largely banning fracking and reducing nuclear power– the opposite happens. Instead, Europe is now using more coal and emitting more CO2.

The media has fallen in line with the Biden position. There have been multiple reports about how unsafe gas stoves are. And to Americans who value choice, the timing seems to be more than a little suspicious.

Gas stoves represent a small fraction of American emissions and their ban would likely result in evading the law. Furthermore, heavy-handed regulations wouldn’t solve the issue but simply would restrict personal liberties.

The Biden ban isn’t going anywhere. It may have been put off for now, but Biden or the next Democrat president will attempt to put it in place. And remember, they’re not going to just stop at your gas stove.