MSNBC Guest Points To Racism In McCarthy Opposition

When in doubt, all negative things are a result of racism — at least in the eyes of the woke left.

Mara Gay, an editorial board member of the New York Times, shared her views on why some GOP House members have held the vote for Speakership at a standstill, claiming the 21 Republicans who are opposing Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Speakership were elected due to racism.

In a wildly woke theory, Gay suggested to MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace that some of the anti-McCarthy figures were: “elected based on a litmus test to stop the tide of diversity in the country, the browning of America, the fears that surround that, and so they were not elected to go do the work of government. And you’re seeing that now.”

She prefaced that theory by saying that Americans who voted for the members opposing McCarthy seem to have a skewed sense of politicians and government, and accused them of wanting to “burn it to the ground.”

“What must the voters who sent these individuals to Washington think of our government if this is who they sent?” Gay asked.

Gay went on to say that the situation is terrifying and it would be funny if there weren’t real problems in America that demand problem solvers. This is the same woman who in the summer of 2021, told MSNBC hosts that she was “disturbed” by the number of American flags she saw on a visit to Long Island.

In that same June interview with MSNBC, she claimed that Trump Supporters see “Americanness as the same as … whiteness. We have to figure out how to get every American a place at the table in this democracy but how to separate Americanness from whiteness,” — a comment that many believed to be racist in itself.

McCarthy has failed in 11 votes in his bid to become Speaker since the new Congress began on Tuesday. Anti-McCarthy members argue that he is a large part of the problem within the Republican party and has failed to fight for conservatives — with many claiming he is part of the D.C. establishment. Members supporting his vote for Speakership argue that he is the only viable option.

The coronation holdup has all options being laid on the table for consideration. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) unsurprisingly nominated former President Trump — who has endorsed McCarthy — for Speaker on Thursday.