Mounting Evidence Leading Voters To Believe Biden Is Corrupt

As mounting evidence shows that President Joe Biden participated in corrupt foreign business dealings with his son, Hunter, polls indicate that most U.S. voters believe that the president was involved in his son’s business dealings, despite the White House claiming otherwise.

With such evidence and testimony, polls show that American voters are now believing what Republicans have been saying all along: Joe Biden participated in his son’s business dealings.

A Harvard CAPS/ Harris poll recently revealed that 60% of U.S. voters believe the president was, indeed, involved in his son’s business dealings, while 40% said they don’t.

Among party lines, 39% of Democrats said the president unequivocally took part in his son’s business dealings — a belief shared by over 80% of Republicans and 41% of independents.

Since 2022, House Republicans have dug deep into the president’s foreign business affairs, revealing that Joe Biden used his position as vice president from 2009-2017 to coerce corrupt foreign governments into letting Hunter negotiate within the respective country.

With the testimony of Internal Revenue System (IRS) whistleblowers and Hunter’s ex-business partner, Devon Archer, the American people have comprehended how vast the Biden family’s corruption is.

As a consequence of the president’s evident corruption, House Republicans launched an impeachment inquiry in September 2023.

“Simply put, the American people deserve to know that public offices are not for sale and that the federal government is not being used to cover up the actions of a politically connected family,” then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said at the time.

McCarthy recently appeared on Fox News, saying that House Republicans’ investigation into the president has “moved even closer because now we’ve got the subpoenas going in to get the bank statements.”

Leading the House Republican Conference’s investigation into the president are Reps. James Comer (R-KY), Jim Jordan (R-OH), and Jason Smith (R-MO), as reported by Just the News.

The lawmakers recently said that they have discovered evidence indicating that the Department of Justice (DOJ) “obstructed” an ongoing investigation into the Biden family’s corruption.

The president and his family may soon have to face the music in Congress since they were recently subpoenaed by the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.