Most Popular Ever Joe Biden Gets Heckled And Can’t Draw An Audience

Remember when Biden addressed the commonwealth of Virginia but was welcomed with a sparse crowd? He was likewise mocked this time. One of the first measures Biden made as President was to cancel the XL pipeline, which would have been the principal energy source for most of the United States and thousands of job possibilities. The former President, Donald Trump, signed the XL pipeline, and rejecting it would result in the loss of thousands of jobs in the United States. As a result, the public was dissatisfied. When Biden had to speak at the gathering in Virginia, secondary rallies gathered along the roadsides, with Trump fans and Biden supporters looking on as spectators.

While addressing the rally, which made up for only 500 people, although it was portrayed to be 3000 by the White House, Biden was heckled by a Trump supporter. he was seemingly calm at the disturbance caused and exclaimed to let them holler as it is not the Trump rally. But maybe that is the point, and nobody was listening.

Trump rallies were always full of people. People were interested in listening to him despite this Biden rally for McAuliffe, which had a mere 500 audience present at the venue with even fewer tuned in on the live stream. So it is probable that no one was listening to the heckler and not even to President Biden. Biden allegedly got the most votes during the presidential elections then how come he has failed to gather an actual audience at his rallies? During a recent address by Biden in a CNN town hall, a picture was posted which captured Biden’s speech from the back of the hall, which was half empty. Even a high school basketball court is more packed than the venues of Biden’s address. It says a lot about a President when the people are disinterested in listening to their own President.