Most Americans Agree Nation on the Wrong Track

For growing numbers of people, it’s not very hard to see that the United States is in some serious trouble.

Baby formula, insulin, tampons, and more critical supplies needed by the general public are in short supply. Mass riots are breaking out in the streets, adding to the growing crime rates America faces.

Meanwhile, with the rise of inflation and interest rates, people are getting priced out of the homeownership market. Others are barely able to afford rent, car payments, gas prices, and grocery store bills.

All things considered, a new study has come out, showing that 85% of Americans agree the country is going down the wrong path.

A Sad Time For the Country
AP-NORC sheds some light on the concerns various demographics of Americans have about the current state of affairs.

Across the board, just 14% of people nationwide believe Biden’s leadership has America on the correct track. The 85% who disagree includes 92% of GOP members and even 78% of Democrats.

Over time, the number of Americans who’ve said the country’s on the right path has been steadily declining. In April, 29% held this view. Yet, by the time May and June arrived, only 21% and 14% agreed the United States was on the right course.

With rising disapproval of America’s trajectory comes more disapproval of Biden himself. AP-NORC revealed the president is at a 38% approval rating nationwide. Meanwhile, 57% of the public does not approve of Biden’s leadership.

An Out of Touch White House?
Despite Biden’s declining support and the continuous reduction of Americans who agree with the current course of the nation, the White House appears to live in a different universe.

Biden’s aides are openly saying he’s delivering. They are even talking about a “liberal world order.”

Just earlier this week, the president went to Spain and said Americans will be stuck with high gas prices for “as long as it takes.”

These remarks do not align or empathize with the overwhelming views of everyday Americans. Meanwhile, Biden and his officials are still expecting people to vote for more of the same in the November midterms.

As all this transpires, Republicans continue to express that both the president and his party members are unfit for power.