More Video Proof of Disney’s Insidious Agenda

Disney has been getting hammered by boycotts after videos of an internal meeting surfaced of executives at the company citing aggressive plans to ramp up the LGBTQIA+ content across its platforms. While the mainstream media tries to paint opposition to this as a result of hate or bigotry, most people in this camp simply think that such information is not age appropriate.

If anyone thinks that these revelations are confined to a few elites at the top of the company, think again. It is institutional.

Disney is a private company that can offer whatever types of benefits it wants to its employees, but it should not be surprising that it now finds itself at the center of the culture wars. The efficacy of permanent medical procedures for minors who are experiencing gender dysphoria is not a settled question by any means.

There are many cases of deep regret by children and adults who found out that sex reassignment did not solve the underlying issue of gender confusion. How to handle individual cases is a debate to be had, but not in children’s programming.

In response to these revelations, this week a protest erupted in front of Disney’s Burbank office.

The Walt Disney Corporation has a gigantic portfolio of companies, and it is unlikely that this protest and boycott will have any effect on the company in the short term. What this does do, however, is set the stage for a break in the monopoly it has on children’s programming. Competitors are already starting to fill the gap created by Disney’s wokeism. Most notably The Daily Wire has dedicated $100 million to start creating children’s content. Some market share will surely start to move away from the Magical Kingdom.

Before you scoff and say Disney’s position as category king of children’s content will never be challenged, all you must do is look at what happened to one of its holdings, ESPN. The company was the undisputed number one for all things sports until it began to embrace progressive woke ideas that were reflected in its content. Its numbers continue to fall. As the saying goes, “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Disney may soon learn that lesson as well.