MLB Player Caves To The Woke Mob

Toronto Blue Jays player Anthony Bass has caved to the woke mob, apologizing for daring to share a video on social media supporting the boycotts of Bud Light, Target, and other entities pushing radical LGBT ideology.

In a video that conservatives have described as akin to an “ISIS hostage video,” Bass apologized — claiming that his post had hurt the so-called “pride community,” noting that some of his friends and relatives belong to that community.

Bass went on to reveal that he is “using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate himself.”

The MLB player’s offense against the “pride community” was sharing a simple video on Instagram that provided Biblical reasons for boycotting companies that push transgenderism, especially to children. Those companies included Bud Light, which has been facing a boycott for partnering with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, and Target, which faced a boycott for promoting pride-themed clothing to children.

Target has lost roughly $10 billion in market value in response to their decision to sell items that push transgenderism and LGBT ideology on children, and for selling products from a satanist designer — a brand called Abprallen, which also sells products with the message “Satan respects pronouns.” While that particular product wasn’t being sold by Target, people were outraged over the brand being sold and the retail giant has since dropped Abprallen’s merchandise from its website.

Christians and conservatives have so far kept up the boycotts and even expanded them to more companies, but it appears that Bass couldn’t take the heat.

The MLB player and his team were mocked and criticized on social media over the forced apology.

“The left wins cultural battles by forcing struggle sessions Force them back. Make Anthony Bass regret bending the knee for the woke cult,” said journalist and podcast host Tim Pool.

“If you’re going to stand up to the LGBT mafia, do not cave to pressure. Ever. Looking at you, Anthony Bass,” said BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales.

“Dude sounds like he just got back from a Chinese re-education camp,” wrote the Hodge Twins, two conservative comedians.

“The only difference between this and an ISIS hostage video is that Anthony’s head is still attached,” wrote another Twitter user.