Missouri Sues School Boards Association as Biden’s Demonizes Parents as “Domestic Terrorists”

The State of Missouri filed a lawsuit this week against the Missouri School Boards Association (MSBA) over its refusal to provide information regarding its part in the Biden administration’s efforts to besmirch concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.”

The case was filed in a Missouri state circuit court by state Attorney General Eric Schmitt on Tuesday. The petition alleges that MSBA repeatedly failed to comply with legal records requests regarding the association’s attempts to obtain intervention by federal officials to silence or threaten parents who intended to hold school boards in Missouri accountable.

The lawsuit says that MSBA received numerous requests from the AG and concerned members of the public to produce documents. Although the association is largely funded by taxpayers and staffed by government employees, it went on to intentionally violate the Missouri Sunshine Law by refusing to respond.

The petition alleges that MSBA has full knowledge of the Biden administration’s efforts to investigate American parents as “domestic terrorists,” and supports those efforts.

The MSBA executive director received correspondence about the governmental efforts to silence citizens who disagreed with radical leftist school board agendas. The association claimed ignorance when receiving petitions from the public, however.

The controversy began last year when U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona asked the National School Boards Association to write a formal letter demanding the Biden administration use federal domestic terrorism laws to target parents who disagreed with local school boards. The Biden administration allegedly colluded with the NSBA’s president and CEO in drafting the letter before it was sent out without the approval of most state school board associations.

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland used the NSBA letter as the basis for directing the FBI and state law enforcement officials to address what he called a “disturbing spike” in violence and intimidation tactics against education staff and officials working for local school boards across the nation. Garland later admitted that his directive was not based on any real-world evidence, but only on the NSBA letter concocted by the administration.

The MSBA joined several other state organizations in withdrawing its membership from the NSBA after the scandal became public. The new lawsuit alleges that MSBA nevertheless knew about the ginned-up letter and expressed some level of public support for it. It claims that MSBA only backed away from its praise of the NSBA effort after it was petitioned to disclose the requested information.

Schmitt demanded on behalf of the state that the MSBA be ordered to turn over all relevant records to the public and that the association be penalized according to law for failing to comply originally and forcing the state to bring the legal action.

No hearing has yet been scheduled in the matter.