Missouri Public Health Director Says People Opposing COVID Restrictions Are “Lunatic Fringe”

The acting public health director for St. Louis County in Missouri receives criticism for harsh language about the citizens who pay his salary. Dr. Faisal Khan wrote in an email that people who oppose COVID-19 related restrictions are a “lunatic fringe.”

The email obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch was sent to staffers at the county’s health department. He praised the department’s work and told staff to “ignore the lunatic fringe that exists in every society.”

Khan said that “irrelevant fools” were around one hundred years ago and will probably still be approximately one hundred years later.

Last year, Khan received public attention when he made an obscene gesture with his middle finger to people protesting mask mandates. He also accused several St. Louis County Council members of making light of him with “heckling” comments and saying racist things about him.

He also accused audience members of aggressively “shoulder bumping” him as he left that council meeting. Khan’s accusations were not supported by several videos made at the meeting or several police officers’ testimony.

Khan did not respond to a request for comment about his recent email from Fox News.

State Representative Bob Onder, a physician, objected to Khan’s statements in a Twitter post. He said that Khan’s inflammatory language shows what “unlicenced Faisal Khan thinks about the people who pay his salary.”

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has begun a challenge of the mask mandates in question in what has become a matter of ongoing controversy involving Khan.

Republican St. Louis Councilman Tim Fitch shared the Khan email circulated among people who oppose masking rules. Fitch has voted in the past against mandatory masking requirements.