Mississippi Governor Asks Legislature To Stop Critical Race Theory Education

Republican Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is asking the state legislature to enact a law that would stop public schools from teaching critical race theory (CRT).

Reeves made the call for the prohibition in his Executive Budget Recommendation for the fiscal year 2023, stating that “radical leftists” in the U.S. have been pushing to teach children what he refers to as a vicious lie.

He described the “two core principles” of CRT as teaching that America is “fundamentally racist” and “skin color makes you inherently racist.” He added that CRT is “destructive” to students and is contrary to actual basic history. Reeves said that the curriculum is propaganda for those who want to gather power by driving a wedge between groups of students into “victims and oppressors” through humiliation and indoctrination.

The governor also said that the state should pass legislation to prevent CRT’s “destructive lies” from being taught in public schools.

Reeves also asked the legislature to allocate $3 million to a Patriotic Education Fund from capital expenditures on education. He said that no nation has done more than America to “advance freedom, prosperity, and fairness” and that the teaching of that history “should not be swept under the rug.”

He also asked that the state’s teachers receive an immediate $13,000 per year raise in his budget proposal. He is also seeking the repeal of the state’s income tax.

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers Union, consistently denies that CRT is taught in American K-12 schools. She says that is only a “method of examination” taught in law schools and colleges to determine whether systemic racism is real and affects public policy. She claims that “any discussion of race” is labeled by “culture warriors” as CRT to “make it toxic.” Even though she denies the existence of a CRT curriculum, she says that opponents are “bullying” educators to stop teaching what she calls “accurate history.”