Military And Intelligence Experts Will Lay Afghanistan Blame Everywhere But Accountability May Be Hard To Find

Americans spent more than a trillion dollars and thousands of lives in Afghanistan for twenty years at the urging of establishment Democrats and neoconservatives.

The deep state’s intelligence officers and the upper echelons of the military brass gave multiple presidents, including hapless Joe Biden, advice that the U.S. must remain in the war-torn “graveyard of empires,” until it was said that the Taliban no longer posed any threat to the U.S.-trained Afghan national security forces.

Even as late as June, intelligence sources predicted that the Taliban would take over the entire country within six months of the collapse of the Afghan government. A later assessment tightened the window to 90 days. As things turned out, the takeover of Kabul was a weekend project.

Three weeks before the Taliban’s march on Kabul, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told reporters that Afghanistan’s future was “squarely” in the hands of the Afghans. He reassured the corporate media that his reports indicated “momentum” was with the Taliban. Still, he was satisfied that the Afghan security forces are “consolidating forces” to protect the country’s cities.

In Congressional testimony in June, he said that he was “very comfortable” that the Kabul airport’s security would be maintained. Milley said that the 300,000 Afghan security troops had been “shouldering the burden” of the fight for more than a year.

The facts contradict either the military intelligence, the truthfulness of Milley’s statements, or both. Over 60,000 Afghan troops were killed during the American occupation, far more than the 42,000 Taliban killed. The country’s government and military were notoriously corrupt at all levels. It was known but not openly discussed that a large chunk of the billions spent in the country by the U.S. for construction projects ended up with insurgents and Taliban warlords.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken finally had to admit that the Taliban’s takeover happened “more rapidly” than anticipated when confronted by the apparent facts playing out on live television at the Kabul airport.

Neoconservative Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) continues to blindly accept the military reality that the top generals and administration officials presented to blame Biden. Cheney said that she thinks Biden “ignored the advice of his military leaders.”
Darryl Cooper of the MartyrMade podcast, who was cited by President Trump at CPAC this summer for his assessment of the 2020 election, pointed out on Twitter that security experts will be blaming each other soon, but we shouldn’t expect real accountability.