Migrants Litter The US Border With Heaps Of Garbage

John Rourke, the owner of Blue Line Moving, documented his trip to the southern border for his annual cleanup efforts. He heads to the area every year on September 11 to clean up trash that migrants leave behind. He describes his findings as “life-changing” and “an environmental catastrophe.”

Rourke says he “goes to border towns and picks up trash on every 9/11.” He also raises money and donates it to the town’s sheriff’s department. Rourke reported the overwhelming presence of clothing, birth control pills, used condoms, trash, and wild dogs. He goes out for three days total every year for his cleaning efforts.

He says, “It’s really an emergency.” This year’s cleanup is scheduled for September 9, 10, and 11 in Brownsville, Texas. Rourke filmed his most recent findings in Brownsville. During the video, he films piles upon piles of garbage and explains what he is witnessing.

“As you can see, what they do is they just pile the garbage, the trash on top of the razor wire. Then they just step right over it.” He listed items, including pills, clothing, IDs, shoes, and backpacks. In another video clip, Rourke pans over to a distant camp that he says is full of migrants preparing to cross the border.

One video featured a man shouting at Rourke from afar, begging for help, referencing his kids. He can be heard saying he left his country for a better life. Rourke captured videos of people who had just crossed over, reportedly from Venezuela, saying it took them one month to get to the U.S.

Rourke also stated that no leftist environmentalists ever show up to help him clean the litter along the border. When asked how liberals who often proclaim they love the environment can justify open border policies, he responded that they simply cannot.

Rourke points out that the trash and disarray at the border reflect what’s going on there. He emphasizes that there are thousands and tons of garbage, much of which ends up floating down the rivers emptying into our oceans. He said it’s not your average garbage, either.

“We’re talking prescription drugs. I’ve seen a lot of that, bottles of drugs, condoms, which is frightening to think, not in the wrapper and out of the wrapper. So, what does that tell you is going on? He also had a particularly unsettling experience with a child crossing the border.

Rourke described an interaction he had with a child coming out of the river who was inconsolable. “I am trying to console him, Like, it’s ok, buddy. You’re in America. Now you’re going to be okay. You know, and he was very distraught.” Once he got the boy to border patrol, they told him why he was crying.

They said the people with him were not his family members, and he wanted to know where his mom and dad were. Rourke stated, “Think about that, man. This kid, six years old. Could you imagine crossing the Rio Grande at six with people you don’t know? What life is that for that child going forward?”

“We need to close the border. And we need to do it the right way. I can’t say that I have the answer to stopping it. I’m not, that’s not my job, but it needs to stop.”