Michigan’s Governor is Running for Re-election

Across the United States, there are a series of governor’s elections taking place. The outcomes of these races will largely determine the quality of life across America.

If there’s one reality that’s come to light over the past two years, it’s the significance of whether or not a state is led by a Republican or a Democrat.

Since 2020, there’s been a massive transition of Americans leaving states run by Democrats and moving into states with Republican governors and/or legislatures. In turn, this creates a scenario with fewer purple/swing states and more states that are either very red or very blue.

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is running for another term in office. According to Red State, there are a lot of factors that will play a role in her political ambitions for a second term as Michigan’s governor.

A Deep Dive into Whitmer’s Chances of Winning Re-election

In the state of Michigan, the Democratic governor’s latest approval rating stands at 56.2%. At the same time, 38.7% of Michigan residents do not approve of Governor Whitmer.

Interestingly enough, Whitmer’s approval ratings today are higher than they were in the fall when only 48.3% of Michiganders approved of her leadership. The upwards shift in approval of the Democratic governor appears to be largely caused by Independents in Michigan.

However, despite the current poll numbers for Whitmer, her tenure as governor hasn’t been without controversies.

During the height of COVID, the Michigan governor came under fire for implementing harsh restrictions on Michiganders, yet not adhering to these measures. One example of this took place when Whitmer went to visit her father in Florida after telling people in her state to steer clear of traveling.

In another similar case, the Michigan governor drew backlash when she went to California in November 2021 for political fundraising purposes. During this time, Whitmer stayed in a fancy hotel while people in Michigan were wrestling with a fresh surge of omicron.

More Pieces to the Puzzle

A huge factor in Whitmer’s re-election campaign will be who the Michigan Republican Party nominates to run against her.

The Michigan GOP has been consistently critical of Whitmer, stating her actions as governor should disqualify her from serving in office. A better look at Whitmer’s chances of getting another term as Michigan’s governor will be available once the country gets a look at her GOP opponent.