Michigan Gov. Whitmer On Cusp Of Stunning Defeat

Once a bright star in Democrats’ hopes for the future, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is staring at the very real possibility of defeat in her bid for reelection.

With the days rapidly counting down until Nov. 8, brand new polling numbers show the incumbent virtually dead even with Republican challenger Tudor Dixon.

Polling data released Monday revealed that Whitmer and Dixon are tied with 48% of the electorate each. Stunningly, this comes after polls over the summer showed the incumbent with comfortable double-digit leads.

These up-to-date numbers came from Michigan News Source and Trafalgar in a survey of 1079 likely voters. Whitmer drew the support of 48.4% of respondents to 47.9% for Dixon.

A telling statistic is that nearly 55% of those responding were Democrats and only 37.1% identified as Republicans.

Another recent poll, this time conducted by Mitchell-MIRS, showed Whitmer with a 49% to 47% lead. With its 4.21% margin of error, this also placed the opponents in a virtual tie.

These poll findings reflect a nationwide trend over the past several weeks involving races where Democrats once appeared to have commanding leads.

But almost daily, those leads are either vanishing or turning into deficits.

In Michigan, Whitmer is plagued by the same issues that have turned voters elsewhere away from Democrats in 2022. Whether it’s inflation or crime, these are areas that are consistently cited when voters explain why they have shifted to the GOP.

Education and the pandemic have also worked against Whitmer’s chances for reelection as Michigan governor. Parents in her state, much like the rest of the nation, continue to be outraged at politicians forcing school closures on their children and the clear results in education performance.

Closer to home, the recent national report card showed Detroit posting some of the worst showings in fourth- and eighth-grade reading and math scores.

It doesn’t help that the city is consistently one of the poorest in the country at controlling crime and violence.

The trends are as widespread as they are obvious, and Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s plight is just one more example. While Democrats are laser-focused on former President Donald Trump, ordinary Americans are infinitely more concerned about soaring inflation and violent crime.