Mexican Cartel Members Suspected Of Taunting Texas National Guard Troops Along Southern Border

According to reports from the Texas Department of Public Safety, persons believed to be members of Mexican drug cartels have been challenging and taunting troops with the Texas National Guard along the southern border in recent days. The suspected cartel members have been seen wearing tac vests and carrying military rifles, including AK-47s. They have been reported to be involved in smuggling migrants to the U.S. border.

The ongoing border crisis brought on by the Biden administration led to a response by Texas law enforcement last month that included the deployment of the state’s National Guard and other state officers to the border near Del Rio.

Bill Melugin with Fox News tweeted on Wednesday that there have been multiple incidents in the past several days where cartel gunmen have “taunted TX National Guard soldiers.”

Texas state law enforcement officials said in a statement that they would thoroughly investigate the reported threats. The state Department of Public Safety said that it would monitor the situation near the border and adjust its operations as necessary. 

That agency said that it will work closely with the Texas Military Department to investigate the incidents and that anyone responsible for criminal acts will be arrested and charged “to the fullest extent of the law.”

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has been sharply critical of the White House’s handling of the illegal immigration crisis along the Texas-Mexico border. Abbott has blasted Biden for leaving the border wide open to crossers while offering no support to the Texas state government or the towns and cities that have been left to defend themselves. 

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) represents a border district and has joined Republicans in warning that Joe Biden’s open border policies could embolden Mexican drug cartels to challenge the authority of American law enforcement agents and military troops. He said that the “bad guys know how to market this.”