Melania Is An ‘Unknown Factor’ In Donald Trump’s Future Political Plans

It’s been about eight months since it became apparent that Joe Biden would be installed as president. The speculation about whether Donald Trump will run in 2024 against whoever the Democrats are left with by then has been running hot ever since.

Trump has been busy endorsing candidates for next year’s midterm elections nationwide and has been more or less silent on his plans for 2024. Bonchie over at RedState has some interesting commentary on a report about Trump’s prospects from the point of view of former first lady Melania Trump.

CNN reports that Melania is so disinterested in continuing a public political life that she has privately said that she not only does not intend to “bolster” Donald’s ambitions but also has “zero desire” to return to the White House. A source told CNN that Melania considers her time as first lady a “chapter” that is now over and done.

Other sources allegedly say that she will not be out on the campaign trail for the 2024 election, whether her husband is a contestant or acts as a cheerleader for other candidates. Bonchie notes that Melania never enjoyed political life very much during Donald’s tenure as president and has intentionally avoided publicity since he left office. The rumors were substantial back in 2016 that she didn’t want him to run for office the first time.

CNN’s sources said that if Trump has any involvement with politics going forward, which he is virtually certain to in some capacity, Melania will leave the job of providing public support to Don Jr., Eric, Lara, and Kimberly Guilfoyle.

By all appearances, Melania enjoys her private post-presidential life. A social acquaintance reportedly told CNN that she likes not being in the public eye and nothing wrong with that.

Since February, Melania has been operating her office from Palm Beach with a staff of just two or three people. Her office has likewise been quiet publicly regarding the former first lady’s activities.

Donald Trump may make his intentions known very soon, or it may be 2023 before anything formal is announced. In the meantime, we can expect Melania to avoid the spotlight. We can probably expect that she will prevent self-promotion no matter what Donald’s political future holds.