Media Ignores Soros Funding In Attack On Justice Alito

A coalition of left-wing groups recently launched an attack on Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, coinciding with the announcement of former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial verdict and upcoming Supreme Court opinions. Despite these significant developments, the mainstream media has largely ignored the substantial financial backing from billionaire George Soros behind these groups. According to Newsbusters, Soros has funneled at least $19 million into the involved organizations between 2016 and 2022.

On May 29, twenty-five radical organizations, including seven heavily funded by Soros, penned a letter to Senator Dick Durbin calling for an investigation into Justice Alito’s recent conduct. The letter, which suggested Alito recuse himself from certain cases, cited a distorted historical narrative and recent flag controversies to justify their demands. Notably, groups like Demand Justice, a Supreme Court-packing advocacy group, and the Reproductive Justice for All Committee, previously known as NARAL, were among the signatories.

While Politico reported on the letter, it failed to mention Soros’ significant contributions. Instead, the publication referred to the flags flown at Alito’s house as the “latest ethics black eye,” lending credibility to the attack without acknowledging its partisan backing. This omission raises concerns about the media’s role in fairly covering politically charged issues.

Demand Justice, which received $5.8 million from Soros between 2018 and 2021, has been vocal about expanding the Supreme Court. The group, along with Take Back the Court Action Fund, another Soros-funded organization, argues that adding four seats to the Court is necessary to “restore balance.” These groups claim the current Court is undermining democracy and various rights, including reproductive and voting rights.

The media’s silence on Soros’ involvement suggests a bias in reporting, particularly when it comes to left-wing activism. As conservative voices continue to highlight these discrepancies, there is a growing call for more balanced and transparent journalism. The significant financial influence behind these attacks on Justice Alito should be scrutinized, as it sheds light on the broader political agenda at play.