Media Faces Backlash For Ignoring Biden’s Cognitive Decline

This week, the media is facing significant criticism for its handling of President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline, a topic that was largely ignored until his recent debate debacle against former President Donald Trump. The mainstream media had long praised Biden for his leadership, but now finds itself under scrutiny for failing to address the president’s mental health issues.

As highlighted by NewsBusters editor Tim Graham, the media dismissed the concerns raised by Minnesota Democrat Congressman Dean Phillips, who openly questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities. Instead of investigating these claims, the media chose to ignore them, continuing to present a favorable image of Biden.

The mainstream media’s reluctance to report on Biden’s mental health raises questions about its credibility. If they couldn’t truthfully address Biden’s cognitive condition, how can they be trusted with other critical issues? This lapse in reporting becomes even more glaring when considering the array of serious challenges facing the nation, from unemployment and inflation to international relations with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Despite mounting evidence of Biden’s decline, media outlets like The Atlantic, CNN, and Scientific American continued to publish stories deflecting attention from Biden’s issues and focusing on Trump. For instance, The Atlantic speculated on Trump’s unlikelihood of winning the next election, while CNN and Scientific American analyzed Trump’s mental fitness rather than addressing Biden’s.

The New York Times eventually acknowledged the issue, urging Democrats to be honest with the public about Biden’s capabilities. They called for a process to select a more capable candidate to defeat Trump in November. This admission came only after Biden’s debate performance made it impossible to ignore his cognitive decline.

The media’s failure to report on Biden’s mental health has significantly damaged its credibility. By choosing to ignore a major story, the media has not only misled the public but also jeopardized its own trustworthiness. The fallout from this will likely impact how the public perceives media reports on all future topics.