Media Complicity: CNN’s Propaganda Working For Hamas

The rescue of four Israeli hostages by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) should have been a straightforward story of heroism and bravery. However, the mainstream media, acting as the Democrats’ flying monkeys, have instead chosen to twist the narrative in favor of the terrorists.

A prime example of this media malpractice can be found in CNN’s coverage of the hostage rescue. During a segment featuring Victor Blackwell and Ian Bremmer, a chyron appeared declaring, “Gantz postpones news conference after hostage release.” The use of the word “release” is a blatant mischaracterization of the events that transpired.

Hamas did not “release” anyone. The IDF undertook a bloody, dangerous mission to retrieve those four hostages and slay the monsters who had been holding them as prisoners and terrorizing them for eight months. CNN’s choice of words is nothing short of propaganda work for Hamas, demonstrating the network’s commitment to the destruction of Israel.

The media’s complicity in pushing the anti-Israel narrative is particularly repulsive given the fact that they are in sync with the Biden administration. As Biden grows increasingly desperate to appease the vocal campus Brownshirts, his handlers will likely continue to throw Israel under the bus.

It is a national tragedy that so many of the bad guys in this conflict are higher-ups in the United States government. The more the media and the Left twist the truth to paint Israel as the villain, the more they expose their own moral bankruptcy and antisemitic agenda.