McConnell Slams Biden’s ‘Reckless’ Afghanistan Debacle

Following Biden’s orders for the withdrawal of US Troops in Afghanistan, there has been a massive setback in the country. Biden Had ordered all troops to have left the country entirely by August 31st, and so far, they have handed over much of the defense control to the Afghan Forces, which they had trained over the years and have equipped with all the arms and resources. Biden stated that over a trillion dollars had been spent on Afghan forces in the past two decades, but now is the time to call back the American Sons and Daughters.

Biden’s decision faced a lot of criticism as he ordered for a prompt withdrawal of forces. His hurriedness made little sense like a poor person. Still, a stable country like Afghanistan was not fully prepared to be on its own, as apparent from the recent Taliban occupation of most Afghani cities, including Kandahar and Herat. Only Kabul is safe so far, and that too is under threat, especially the US embassy in the city. The Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell brought Biden under fire after calling his order of withdrawal a reckless one and urged him to aid the Afghan forces by providing airstrikes beyond August 31st. He also demanded additional US forces be sent to Afghanistan to rescue the US ambassadors there before the Taliban’s celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the 911 incident by bombing the US embassy.

Mitch feared that if the current Taliban occupation spreads across Afghanistan, forming the Global Jihadist Movement will be a risk. Biden’s decision has turned into an embarrassing situation for the entire US, considering they had been sitting in Afghanistan for two decades now. As soon as they withdrew from the country, the Taliban took over half of the Afghani lands, which gave rise to a critical question, what exactly did the US achieve in the past years. Biden should take lessons from the Obama regime when he gave the same orders but, in the end, was forced to send the forces back. It is expected that Biden may end up having to take back the embarrassing decision in light of the recent events.