McConnell Blasts Left-Wing Media For Kavanaugh Silence

Sen. Mitch McConnell joined a growing chorus of critics lambasting Democrats and their media cohorts. His anger is directed at their dangerous rhetoric before and silence after the assassination attempt on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

McConnell torched House Democrats for blocking a measure to protect justices that passed the Senate unanimously. The Supreme Court Police Parity Act would give police protection to families of the beleaguered justices, but House legislators wanted no part of it.

The left-wing terror suspect flew in from California to attempt to assassinate Kavanaugh. To quote an oft-used line in a famous Midwestern trial after the BLM riots, doesn’t that mean “he crossed state lines?”

Critics point to the obvious double standard in both the media and Democratic circles over the unprecedented Supreme Court leak that began the avalanche of threats.

There’s no “vast left-wing conspiracy” behind the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh according to the media. And, of course, there’s no lineup of latter-day Woodward and Bernsteins trying to dig through evidence about the attempted assassin’s support.

No, he was just a lone wolf.

The White House pointedly refused to condemn demonstrations at the private homes of Supreme Court justices. This, as anyone even slightly interested knows by now, is blatantly illegal. So where’s the breathless investigation?

The New York Times, our “newspaper of record,” put the assassination attempt of a sitting Supreme Court justice on page A20 of its Thursday edition.

Kavanaugh’s home has been targeted by the left, who have no qualms about putting his address online for all to see. Shockingly, radical abortion activist group “Ruth Sent Us” held a protest at his home the night immediately following the assassination attempt.

The home he shares with his wife and two daughters.

Just two years ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) named Kavanaugh in a rant that justices will “pay the price” for abortion rulings. After the leaked draft, abortion supporters ran screaming about a “summer of rage.”

It is worth noting that, amidst video coverage of these illegal protests, it is surprising that these justices do not live where one might think. Rather than sprawling mansions in gated communities inaccessible to everyday Americans, they reside in normal neighborhoods with families.

If these illegal acts continue, that will certainly change.