McAuliffe’s Troubles Piling Up In Virginia

The contest for governor of Virginia between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin is taking some dramatic swings in the last days before the election next Tuesday.

McAuliffe has suffered numerous hits recently on the issues that matter most to ordinary American voters. He said last month that he doesn’t think parents should be in charge of what schools can teach.  

He has been hammered in the media by former Virginia governor and Democrat Douglas Wilder over McAuliffe’s cynical use of current Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface scandal as a cheap ploy. As the state’s only black governor in history, Wilder is not helping McAuliffe with that key demographic. 

The corporate media has even been something of a problem recently for McAuliffe, as CBS News reported this week that Youngkin’s appeal among independent voters is surging. Independents who have previously voted Democrat are shifting toward supporting Youngkin. 

CBS interviewed one independent who has been a strong supporter of Democratic candidates in the past. Kendra Lee said she cried when Hillary Clinton lost to President Trump but said that education issues led her to vote for Youngkin. She said that parents should have more local control of education. As to vaccine mandates, she said that she feels “like I know what’s best for my family better than a politician does.”

On Thursday, a new Fox News poll reported that Youngkin had surged ahead of McAuliffe in the race, with 53 percent of respondents saying they would vote for him, compared to 45 percent for the Democrat. Just two weeks ago, McAuliffe was ahead in the same poll, 51 percent to 46 percent.

Fox’s data indicates that the increasing importance of education to voters had led to tremendous Republican enthusiasm. Republicans are “extremely” interested in the election outcome at a 79 percent clip, compared to 69 percent of Democrats.

Parents consider critical race theory (CRT) teaching issues fundamentally. Youngkin has campaigned to ban CRT from public schools upon taking office. McAuliffe, meanwhile, continues to deny that CRT is taught in Virginia at all.