Massachusetts Bans Illegal Aliens from Sleeping at Logan Airport

Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey announced a new policy to prevent illegal immigrants from sleeping at Boston Logan International Airport. Starting July 9, these individuals will be moved to a newly converted overflow site at the former Bay State Correctional Center in Norfolk.

Recent reports highlighted the growing number of illegal immigrants residing at the airport, with over 100 people sleeping on the floor of the baggage claim area. To address this issue, the Healey administration has designated the former correctional facility as a temporary shelter capable of housing approximately 450 people or 140 families.

Healey’s administration stated that this decision is in the best interest of families, travelers, and airport staff. “The airport is not an appropriate place for people to seek shelter,” emphasized Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice. The converted facility offers dorm-like rooms, a cafeteria, a gymnasium, a common room, and offices.

Massachusetts is currently the only right-to-shelter state in the country, which has strained its resources. The state exhausted its shelter capacity in November after accommodating 7,500 families. Since then, the state has relied on temporary emergency sites to house pregnant women and families with children under 21 years old.

The new shelter policy aims to help illegal immigrants find more stable housing options. The state intends to assist individuals in relocating to places where they have family or other safe housing alternatives. “We are going to continue to spread the word that Massachusetts is out of shelter space,” Rice added, urging families traveling to the state to have a housing plan that does not involve the airport or emergency shelters.

The former correctional facility in Norfolk has already started housing 20 to 25 families. The state plans to use the facility for six to 12 months, during which they will continue to focus on transitioning individuals from shelters to more stable housing solutions.