Mask Mandates Are Now Linked to More COVID Deaths

When mask mandates were initially put into effect, they were branded as life-saving measures. People who opposed mask mandates were even slammed as selfish individuals who didn’t care about the lives of the elderly.

Months went by and even as mask mandates stayed in place, new cases of COVID continued to materialize and spread. In response to this, people were told to keep masking up and to even consider “double-masking.”

Today, the majority of mask mandates are gone. Although, the White House is appealing to have its recently overturned travel mask mandate put back into effect.

Unfortunately for supporters of mask mandates, the arguments for these edicts continue to fall apart. In fact, a brand new study is now tying mask mandates to higher rates of COVID deaths.

A Deep Dive Into the Medicine Study on Mask Mandates
A study by the medical journal known as Medicine provides some very telling information about the real impacts of mask mandates.

Between August 1, 2020 to October 15, 2020, the journal compared counties in Kansas with mask mandates against those counties that left masking up to individual discretion.

As it turns out, counties with mask mandates documented more COVID deaths than counties that chose to forgo mandates. In light of this data, mask mandates have been tied to about a ~50% surge in COVID deaths.

This heightened death rate is very clearly explained by a phenomenon known as the Foegen Effect. In layman’s terms, when infected individuals repeatedly rebreathe the same droplets that are contained in their masks, it can cause respiratory ailments.

This, in a nutshell, increases the mortality rates associated with COVID. By the time someone is already infected with the virus, continuing to wear a mask puts them at greater harm.

Of course, this was something many everyday Americans alluded to before; they were, of course, met with accusations of spreading “misinformation.”

Radio Silence From the Other Side
Many of the loudest champions of mask mandates have been eerily silent amid the release of Medicine’s study.

There certainly hasn’t been any new commentary from chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci.

Likewise, the Biden administration remains silent about this new study on mask mandates; thus far, the administration hasn’t dropped its appeal to force Americans back into masking up during travel.

Nevertheless, this latest study from Medicine is a form of vindication for people who never trusted mask mandates in the first place.