Mark Richards Says Biden Accusations Against Kyle Rittenhouse Are Untrue

Attorney Mark Richards had some candid words for Joe Biden shortly after his client, Kyle Rittenhouse, was found not guilty on all counts by the jury in his trial Friday afternoon. Now that the trial is over and the jury has spoken, the discussion of possible defamation cases will heat up. Richards said that Biden said some “untrue” things about the president calling Rittenhous a “white supremacist.”

Richards told the media outside the courthouse that Rittenhouse is “not a white supremacist.” He pointed out that if the government had any information hinting at involvement with supremacist groups, websites, or any online activity, “it would have been entered into evidence.” He added that it wasn’t introduced because it does not exist.

When asked if Rittenhouse would bring any civil cases for defamation, he said he is a criminal defense attorney and could not speak directly to that question. He went on to say that he expects many civil attorneys are willing to “get a bite at the media” and anyone else who has spread defamatory statements about Rittenhouse.

Richards said that Rittenhouse is likely to move away from the area because of concerns for his safety and that his career aspiration to be a nurse remains. The lawyer said that staying near Kenosha “is too dangerous” and that his client has had 24-hour security since the legal process began. Richards said that he stopped answering his cell phone after the third death threat he received.

Regarding the prosecutors in the case, Richards said that he was “disappointed” with some of the things Tom Binger did, saying that he has “known him for a long time.” He questioned the state’s choice to put on the Khindri brothers “when you know they’re lying” as well as calling Rittenhouse an “active shooter.” He added that prosecutors are “supposed to seek the truth” instead of only thinking of “winning.”