Maher Roasts the Left for Its Hatred of “Toxic Masculinity”

While the left loves to rail against the dangers of so-called “toxic masculinity,” one of their own has brilliantly come to its defense. Comedian and talk show host Bill Maher will never be confused with conservative icon Bill Buckley. Still, he uses the obvious Ukrainian example to take hand-wringing liberals to task for denying the need for strong, “grown-***” men.

The host of HBO’s Real Time observes the fascination many American women have with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Maher pointed to several polls and social media posts as proof that women want some masculinity in their men. All of this comes during our time of “wokeness,” leading to a glaring double standard of attacking masculinity while praising Zelenskyy.

Ukraine prohibited able-bodied men 18-60 from leaving the country, Maher noted, which undoubtedly means many will die in its defense. And while men may be somewhat toxic, “we do sometimes come in handy.”

He goes on to joke that no amount of training will rid the male population of its “toxicity” and “turn us into your favorite ‘Twilight’ character.” Maher proclaims that for years he’s heard that women are looking for a man who listens and doesn’t want to “fix the problem.”

The HBO host observes that grinding masculinity out of men is a bad thing for both of “the 71 genders we have now.”

Maher is an unabashed liberal and a self-proclaimed socialist, but he is clear in his departure from the wokism of the radical left. Some of the harshest and most biting critiques of our present cancel culture have come from his microphone and are well worth watching.

Progressives rejoice in criticizing masculine norms and expectations for male members of society. If only males were more sensitive, more sympathetic and less self-reliant.

And while even Supreme Court nominees are having trouble these days with something as simple as defining what a woman is, the world is on firmer footing when it comes to men. After all, what better example is there than a former comedic actor who wears an army-green t-shirt to address the planet–all while standing up to the world’s largest nation?