Louisiana Republican Sides With Democrats To Kill Transgender Bill

A Louisiana state Senator crossed the political aisle and joined Democrats in blocking a bill that would have prohibited mutilative “gender transition” procedures being performed on minors.

Sen. Fred Mills (R) is under fire for effectively killing an effort to stop the use of hormones, puberty blockers, and even surgeries on youth in the state. A Senate committee voted 5-4 — with Mills aligning with Democrats — to block the measure.

Mills is a pharmacy owner who was previously a Democrat before switching to the GOP. He reportedly stated that deciding on these radical practices should be a choice between families and their doctor.

The senator cited a Louisiana Health Department study last year that determined that no “gender-affirming” surgeries were performed on Medicaid-enrolled minors in the state between 2017 and 2021.

However, the lack of an abomination being committed does not make it any less of an abomination or remove the need to legislate against it.

The legislation, House Bill 648, would have prohibited medical professionals in the state from conducting this controversial “health care” on minors under 18. Those who violated the statute would face having their professional licenses revoked.

It was introduced during the last two legislative sessions by Rep. Gabe Firment (R). He told colleagues in hearings that this “care” is experimental and should be regulated by the state.

His efforts, however, were vehemently opposed by Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards. The governor told a press conference earlier in May that recent legislation opposed by supporters of the LGBT community does “not help” with suicide rates among transgender young people.

Last year, Edwards did not sign or veto a bill barring biological males identifying as females from competing in girls’ athletics through college. His essentially stepping aside cleared the way for passage, angering LGBT advocates.

Leading conservative figures lashed out at what they considered a betrayal of party principles by Mills.

Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire accused the state senator of aligning “with the butchers and groomers.” He further tweeted that Mills “will regret it. This is the biggest mistake of his political career, and also the end of his career. He’s going to be infamous and disgraced by his own base.”

Mills is not up for reelection due to Louisiana’s term limits.