Los Angeles Student Given COVID Vaccine Without Parental Consent

A Los Angeles mother says that her son was vaccinated against COVID-19 without her consent at school in exchange for incentives, including free pizza.

Maribel Duarte told reporters that her 13-year-old child got the jab without her knowledge at the Barack Obama Prep Academy. Duarte showed reporters the vaccine card showing her son received the vaccination at his school and said her child was told not to say anything about the shot to anyone.

The Los Angeles Unified School District refused to provide a statement to the press on the matter, citing student confidentiality. The district did admit that it has an incentive program designed to reward students with prizes for being vaccinated.

A reporter quoted a school administrator denying Duarte’s claim and saying that “more often than not, parents lie” about their children’s vaccinations and the incentive program.

The school district has issued a mandate requiring vaccinations for all students 12 and older by January 10. After that date, unvaccinated children without an accepted exemption will be required to receive online education only.

The district also said that 80 percent of eligible students at Obama Prep school had been vaccinated.

Duarte told reporters that she has been vaccinated and is not against the COVID vaccines in general. She added that she had been waiting on her son’s vaccination because of his asthma and allergic conditions. She said that she was hurt by her son getting the shot without her permission or knowledge.

Jennifer Kennedy is a local attorney who has been keeping up with pending cases against the school district resulting from the vaccine mandate. She told reporters that children could not legally consent to vaccination, adding that the district does not have the legal authority to include vaccines as part of the school curriculum.

The district has already made the vaccine mandatory for all students participating in varsity sports. That rule forced the legendary Crenshaw High School football team to end early because it no longer had enough players to play games.