Looters On The Loose In New York Amid Deadly Blizzard

Looters have set themselves loose on businesses as the dead blizzard continues to rage in New York. According to the Daily Wire, the extreme weather is stopping local law enforcement from carrying out their basic duties.

New York State Police responded to claims on social media about looters smashing windows and stealing merchandise from businesses in the City of Buffalo.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown told reporters on Monday that the looters are taking advantage of the stores left unsupervised.

“I don’t know how these people can even live with themselves, how they can look at themselves in the mirror,” Brown said.

Brown described the looters as the “lowest of the low.” Brown noted that it was evident from the pictures and videos circulating on social media that the looters were not stealing food items or medicines but rather “items that they want.”

“So these aren’t even people in distress — these are people who are taking advantage of a national disaster and the suffering of many in our community to take what they want,” Brown added.

Buffalo police said they have made some arrests in connection to the lootings. Police also said more arrests are soon to follow.

New York State Police Superintendent Steven A. Nigrelli said law enforcement was dispatched to two scenes where looting was reported. Nigrelli said the reports were still under investigation.

“Those are isolated incidents, and it’s not reflective of the great community of Western New York, and I’m sure that they’ll be limited to those two incidents — or at least that’s our hope.”

Asides from the lootings, the state now has to worry about potential price gouging. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul released a statement reminding residents that price gouging is illegal.

“We have the attorney general’s office and our state is prepared to investigate any complaints of price gouging… and they’re going to meet the law in a way they probably didn’t encounter. We’re going to be going after them,” Hochul said.