Looks Like The Bernie Bros Are Going To Ride For A Third Time

Senator Bernie Sanders has made a career out of getting rich while claiming to be a socialist and ruining the Democrat National Committees (DNC) plans for its presidential candidates. In 2016 the DNC had to depend on the vagaries of its primary guidelines to make sure that Bernie did not get the Democratic nomination.

At the time common wisdom was that Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide and a Sanders presidential campaign was the only way that the Democrats could lose against Trump. As we learned they had that exactly backwards.

Fast forward to 2020. The DNC is dealing with a wide variety of candidates, none of which were garnering any enthusiasm from the base. No one except Bernie Sanders that is. Because the field was so divided it looked like Sanders was going to be able to use his support, and the anger of his base at how he was maneuvered out of the nomination, to get the nomination. Again, the DNC had to act. This time in a series of backroom deals.

One day all the contenders were fighting hard and refusing to drop out. The next day everyone quits and throws their weight behind one Joe Biden. Biden hides in his basement and somehow gets 81 million votes for the Presidency. Even though we are only a little more than a year into the Biden administration, people are already starting to position themselves for 2024. Bernie included.

Savvy political observers will note that the caveat given for Bernie to run is if Biden does not run for reelection. No one except for Joe and Jill Biden believe that the current President will be able to muster up a campaign to defeat Donald Trump (yes, he is going to run again).

What is amazing is that the entire bench of the Democrat party is not going to be able to distance itself from the dumpster fire that is the Biden presidency. Players like Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris are being revealed as completely incompetent along with the President.

Bernie’s status as an outsider serves him well in this respect. From all appearances and the tea leaves it looks like the Bernie Bros will have a third go at it.