Look At Biden Openly Admit ‘Life Sucks’ Under His Rule

Unemployment numbers are starting to fall, but with President Joe Biden’s empowering of OSHA, that number increases exponentially. If OSHA can legally mandate businesses with more than 100 employees, force their employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine or take a Covid-19 test once a week. OSHA has said that they’re not even sure if they can mandate that, so what’s the point of all of this? Is Biden just playing games, or does he seriously think he’s doing a good job?

Biden doesn’t even think he’s a tolerant tyrant because he doesn’t follow the same rules he places on everyone else. That’s the best way to determine if a politician is becoming too oppressive. They refuse to follow their own rules. Biden won’t mandate then-White House staff to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but you have to. Wrong. Take this to court. All Covid-19 vaccinations available in the United States are under emergency use authorization. According to 21 U.S. Code 360bbb-3, you cannot force someone to take any medical product under emergency use authorization.

He pushed against Republican governors for not mandating the Covid-19 vaccine, but wasn’t that Biden’s campaign promise? Masks should be optional, and Trump’s vaccine isn’t safe? Words can’t describe how mad the American people should be right now. On top of that, Biden’s infrastructure bill isn’t going to push through because Democrats are getting tired of his massive spending.

Biden says he refuses to give in to this type of “politics” where the 10th amendment to the Constitution gives states the ability to govern themselves. Since he’s getting pushback from several governors, he’s not happy.

Can you see what happens when you place someone into the highest authority after they’ve spent their entire political life accomplishing nothing, lying to Americans, and covering for his son? If the Constitution wasn’t stopping him, Biden indeed is turning into a dictator, or at least he would.

Biden also claims that science tells us to take the Covid-19 vaccine, but why is it that the FDA just blocked Covid-19 booster shots if they’re lifesaving? Something doesn’t add up.

In the same sentence, he says that the Covid-19 vaccine will protect our economic growth, but he also wants to fire everyone who refuses to get vaccinated. That’s a double standard that OSHA can’t even get behind. Somebody has to impeach Biden before he takes it too far.

The Constitution wasn’t written to give rights to people, and it was written to stop the government from taking natural rights from citizens. Under Biden, the Constitution is weakened more every day, and the American people are growing tired of Biden’s constant grab for power.