Leftist DA Stops Notifying Victims of Convicts’ Parole

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon has added another far-left progressive “reform” policy to the way his office does business, directing that victims of violent crime and their family should no longer be given notice that the person who harmed them is up for parole.

Reporting by RedState shows that Gascon has ended his office’s “Lifer Unit.” That unit was a group of deputy prosecutors who were responsible for notifying victims or their relatives when their aggressor was scheduled for parole hearings and possible early release.

A leaked email posted on Twitter detailed the ending of the Lifer Unit and has been independently confirmed by RedState.

San Diego has a similar unit, and explains its purpose is to provide victims with information about offenders who have been sentenced to “indeterminate prison terms of life with the possibility of parole.” The unit ensures that victims are provided an opportunity to be heard at parole hearings and to “prevent improvident grants of parole.”

Gascon has decided that victims should no longer be given the opportunity to be heard at parole hearings or to even know they are taking place. Before ending the Lifer Unit, Gascon established a “Resentencing Unit” last year that made parole hearings much easier for violent criminals to obtain.

Child victim advocate and former California prosecutor Kathleen Cady responded to Gascon’s decision by pointing out that the state constitution provides that “victims have an absolute right to be notified of parole hearings.”

She noted that Gascon’s office has instructed assistant district attorneys and Victims Services representatives that they are not allowed to refer victims of crimes to “pro bono attorneys who stand ready to assist them.”

RedState also reported that Gascon is planning to also prevent parole hearing notice from being given to original prosecutors either. In addition to preventing relevant evidence from being introduced at parole hearings, that policy will simply speed up the release of hardened violent criminals back on the streets.

The recall petition in Los Angeles County to remove Gascon from office is moving closer to placing the recall question on the November 8 general election ballot. The County Registrar-Recorder completed a random sampling of petition signatures and announced Thursday that they met the threshold required to move forward to a full check of all signatures.