Leading North Carolina Democrat Senate Candidate Running Away From Radical Left Fundraisers

In April of last year, Cheri Beasley announced her campaign for the Democratic nomination for this year’s North Carolina Senate race. At the time, she joined a fundraising committee called Lead the Way 2022, affiliated with Way to Lead PAC. That PAC was created with the mission of promoting candidates with “bold, progressive values.”

Lead the Way 2022 includes in its membership radical far-left politicians like Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), who is a member of the socialist House “Squad.” Beasley has now dropped out of the fundraising group, apparently with as little fanfare as possible. Public filings reveal that she got out of the committee as she is now solidifying her position as the leader for the Democratic nomination and is moving herself to the political center in anticipation of the general election this fall.

Beasley entered a crowded field of Democratic primary candidates that has thinned out in her favor to become the nominee. The race initially included state senator Jeff Jackson and former candidate for Senate Erica Smith. Jackson has since dropped out, and Smith has decided to run for an open House seat instead. Beasley has also received a public endorsement from Democrat Governor Roy Cooper.

The Lead the Way 2022 mission statement conflicted with Beasley’s general election campaign in a way she likely could not endure. The group promotes concepts like “economic justice,” “anti-militarization,” and “racial and gender justice” that North Carolina voters would not readily support.

Beasley may have already done irreparable damage to her campaign by openly fundraising with radical socialists. Even as she took herself out of the group last month, it was still sending money to her campaign, with a most recent public donation of $10,000.

Lead the Way 2022 has also worked directly with Dream Defenders, a political organization funded by George Soros. That group demands that America boycott Israel and promotes the abolition of ICE as part of an open borders policy.

Some avowed radical Democrats involved in tossup elections in other states remain publicly associated with Lead the Way 2022, including Wisconsin Senate candidate Mandela Barnes and socialist and exotic dancer Brittany Ramos DeBarros, who is running for a House seat in New York.

As Beasley tries to make herself more acceptable to mainstream voters in North Carolina, she has modified her website to say she supports veterans and rural communities. Her site does not describe defunding the military or police.