Lawmakers From 30 States Demand Biden Stop Federal Vaccine Mandates

State lawmakers from 30 states united on Thursday in calling on Joe Biden to immediately cancel his various vaccine mandates. Almost 200 legislators signed a letter to Biden, explicitly calling the mandates “unconstitutional.”

The letter was primarily authored by Republican state representatives Stewart Jones and Josiah Magnuson from South Carolina and Tatum Lee of Kansas. Jones wrote that as state legislators, the entire group took oaths to defend their respective states’ constitutions and the United States. He said they are “thankful to live in the freest country in the world, and we intend to keep it that way.”

The letter demanded that the Biden administration and the federal government “leave people alone.” It added that the legislators will “not stand by” as citizens are forced to make a decision “between a jab and a job.” The letter says that no American should be subjected to a vaccine against their will. The president does not have the authority to compel a citizen to undergo any medical procedure.

The group demanded that Biden withdraw his orders for mandates, referring to them as a “brazen assault on freedom.” The letter says that the mandates are legally void, and Biden notices that the states intend to put themselves between the federal government and the people to defend personal freedom.

Lee wrote liberty itself is at stake, and the people are “on the cusp of tyranny.” She asserted that the states intended to force the federal government to live within the structure of the constitution and the powers retained by the conditions in the Tenth Amendment.

The mandate that Biden ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to place on private companies employing 100 or more workers has been temporarily blocked by the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals located in New Orleans. Biden has also ordered that all federal employees, contractors, and military personnel be subject to a vaccine mandate.

Jones and Lee have said that they are actively seeking more state legislators around the country to join their demand, and they expect that another letter to Biden will be forthcoming. They have an online petition for individual citizens at