Latest Sport To Fall To Transgender Takeover is Skateboarding

The skateboarding world is now front and center in the dispute over having trans “women” taking trophies — and thus prize money — from other competitors. So for all the laid-back imagery, there are some angry folks in this carefree world.

At issue, of course, is biological men competing with biological women. Calling oneself a llama does not move a person one inch closer to actually being a llama. Anyone past five years old knows this.

But not Red Bull. Female skateboarder Taylor Silverman says she will no longer be “bullied into silence” over she and other skaters being pushed aside. Her charge comes after losing to trans skateboarder Lillian Gallagher in the Red Bull Cornerstone Contest last year.

In an Instagram post, Silverman said she is a female skateboarder with years of competition under her belt. Recently she finds herself in competitions with trans women, placing second twice. The trans winner at the Red Bull competition took $5,000 to her $2,750.

She points out that a biological man “with a clear advantage” won the women’s division, best trick, and several qualifiers. Silverman posted a letter sent to Red Bull that did not draw a response.

Naturally, she is getting thrashed online by social justice warriors. By popular demand, here’s a sampling from the woke and tolerant left:

“Bigot.” “Transphobic and probably Pro-Isreal colonizing Palestine.” Silverman is Jewish. “Good job at being a horrible person.” “Terrible attitude.” “I hope you lose every skate contest to a trans woman for the rest of your life.”

And those are the printable ones. If we’re going to get upset over mean social media posts, this is a fine place to start.

Despite ridiculous denials from the progressive left, biological males have physical advantages over women. Where are all the trans men playing in the NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL?

We have entered a phase where acknowledging basic biology is discrimination, stating the obvious is hate speech. Sports are divided into boys/girls and men/women for good reasons, not the least is to give women a level playing field. Is this not what years of fighting for Title IX was all for?