“Laptop From Hell” Lays Out Chinese Business Deal Establishing Joe Biden’s Stake As The “Big Guy”

A just-released book lays out the details of the Biden family’s international business deals. It establishes that Joe Biden is the “Big Guy” described in a severe Chinese investor deal.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine uses her book, “Laptop From Hell,” to examine large parts of the massive amount of information contained on Hunter Biden’s infamous abandoned laptop discovered during the election season last year. Devine precisely recreates the meeting between Hunter, Joe, and Tony Bobulinski in 2017 at the Los Angeles Beverly Hilton hotel. That was when Joe Biden gave his blessing to the Chinese deal and protected his 10 percent stake.

The Post ran an excerpt from the book on Sunday discussing some details from the meeting. During downtime Joe Biden had at the hotel during the Milken Institute Global Conference, he joined Hunter and his brother, Jim, to meet with Bobulinski to finalize details for the proposed deal.

Devine wrote that Jim assured Bobulinski that the meeting would be “high level,” although Hunter made sure that he knew that there would not be any detailed discussion. The purpose of the meeting was to let Joe Biden become “comfortable” with Bobulinski.

As they met, Joe Biden and Bobulinski got to know each other while discussing their backgrounds and some general details about the deal with CEFC China, an energy conglomerate with connections to the Chinese Communist Party. Eventually, Joe told Bobulinski that since Hunter and Jim trusted him “emphatically,” he trusted him as well.

The book relates that Joe Biden was the “final decision maker” for going forward with the deal and that “nothing important” went forward without his approval. The group then created SinoHawk Holdings LLC as an international investment company starting with $10 million of Chinese investment divided equally between the company and Ye Jianming, Chairman of CEFC.

The book also describes an email that memorializes the “remuneration packages” for the people involved in the venture. The distribution called for “20 for Jim,” “20 for H,” and “10 held by H for the big guy.” Bobulinski has since said that the “big guy” was Joe Biden and that Hunter often referred to Joe with that term.

Devine also detailed later instructions given to Bobulinski to insulate Joe Biden from the details of the deal’s progress so that Joe could maintain “plausible deniability.”

Joe Biden has publicly maintained that he has “never spoken” to Hunter about his “overseas business dealings.”