Lake Praises McEnany For Blueprint On Handling Hostile Press

Republican gubernatorial candidate for Arizona governor Kari Lake lavished high praise on Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany Wednesday. The new GOP star credited the former White House press secretary for demonstrating how to handle a combative news media.

McEnany began by declaring that her press office’s mantra was “offense only” for dealing with hostile journalists. It was her regular duty to defend the Trump administration against a notoriously argumentative press corps.

Her team, she remembered, had to take the offensive to liberal media members.

McEnany took heart from a Monday interview when Lake responded to a reporter’s question over whether she was open to being former President Donald Trump’s running mate should he choose to pursue the White House in 2024.

Lake replied that she would be in Arizona for two terms and “the fake news media’s worst nightmare for eight years.” She tacked on that left-wing journalists “better get used to it.”

The Arizona candidate told McEnany that she just took a page out of her playbook from when she stood at the president’s podium. “You really did show us how to do it,” Lake said, “and turn the tables on these hypocrites in the fake news.”

Lake then thanked her for showing conservatives the way. McEnany commented that Lake must constantly hear from voters on the campaign trail telling her “good job, well done!”

The candidate said she and others like her took a page from the former press secretary’s playbook.

The Arizona Republican recounted that her father was an offensive line coach and instilled in her to always be on the attack. There’s no reason to be defensive, she added, because we love this country.”

Lake faces Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Nov. 8. Hobbs has drawn much criticism for refusing to debate her GOP opponent, hiding behind claims that the faceoff would become a “circus.”

Statewide polls show Lake with a commanding 11-point lead over Hobbs, and many credit her surge to the Democrat’s refusal to debate. Lake’s popularity is particularly strong among Arizona’s older population as well as Hispanics.