Knox County, TN “Kane,” Mayor Glenn Jacobs, Tells Joe Biden He Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandates

When he wrestled in the WWE, Glenn Jacobs was known as Kane, bringing all seven feet of his height to the ring to deal with opponents. Now, as the libertarian-leaning Republican Mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, he is using his political power to oppose President Joe Biden’s new radical COVID vaccine mandate.

On Friday, Jacobs sent a letter to Biden telling the president that he found him acting without authority under the Constitution and exercising “egregious executive overreach.”

The mayor referred to the White House’s executive command that more than 100 employees of private businesses require vaccinations or weekly testing for COVID infection. Jacobs said that “Knox County will not comply with your mandate.”

Jacobs wrote that the mandate would add “financial, legal, and regulatory burdens” that directly impact taxpayers in his jurisdiction. He added that the mandate negatively impacts employers in his county to attract quality workers who would choose not to be “unjustly” burdened with vaccination requirements.

The mayor added that as a fellow elected official, he was “alarmed” by Biden’s order that contradicts Article I of the Constitution, which reserves federal legislative power to the Congress, and the Tenth Amendment, which reserves powers not granted to the federal government to the states or the people.

He also blasted Biden for using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to enact emergency rules imposing the mandates. This process Jacobs said was “trampling constitutional process,” as it bypasses having Congress pass a standard legislative bill for that purpose.

Jacobs told Biden about attending a memorial service for a USA service personnel killed in the August 26 suicide bombing at Kabul International Airport in Afghanistan. The mayor said that Americans are told that “this young patriot, like so many before him, died in defense of our freedoms.”

The mayor said that if that statement is only a “hollow platitude we recite to rationalize the loss of our best and brightest,” then Americans should be honest with themselves. He said that people in Knox County stand for freedom, the rule of law, and the Constitution.

Jacobs told Biden that he can “rest assured” that Knox County will “stand against your blatant and egregious executive overreach.”