Kari Lake Rides Trump Endorsement To AZ Gubernatorial Primary Win

Former President Donald Trump scored another victory this week when the Arizona gubernatorial candidate he backed in the GOP primary race came out on top.

Kari Lake defeated the other Republicans in the field in an election that pitted Trump against his former vice president. Mike Pence – and current Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey – endorsed Lake’s rival, Karrin Taylor Robson, in the race.

After initially declaring herself the winner even before the final vote tally had been announced, Lake came out with a more definitive statement on Thursday when she was declared the projected winner.

“This is more than an election,” she said. “It is a beautiful movement by so many people across our beautiful state to finally put Arizona first.”

Joined by a large group of supporters for an election watch party on Tuesday evening, Lake forecasted her victory, declaring that there was “no path to victory” for Robson, despite the fact that her chief rival had a slim lead in the vote count at that time.

She went on to express gratitude to Trump for his endorsement, declaring: “He’s the one that got this whole thing going.”

Lake, a longtime journalist who left the profession to throw her hat in the political ring last year, received a nod from the former president in September. He indirectly addressed her media career in his endorsement statement, asserting that “few can take on the fake news media” as adeptly as she can.

Trump went on to discount the achievements of Arizona’s current governor, referring to him with his frequently used acronym for “Republican in name only.”

He predicted that Lake “will do a far better job than RINO Governor Doug Ducey – won’t even be a contest!”

In his endorsement of Robson, Ducey cited her right-wing credentials, calling her “a native Arizonan and lifelong Republican who got her start working for President Reagan.”

In addition to making “her wonderful family … very proud,” Trump said that Lake would also bring pride to his “Make America Great Again” movement.

In November’s general election, she will square off against Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs to determine Arizona’s next governor.