Kari Lake Provides Critical Arizona Election Update

In Arizona, the counting and processing of ballots continue to drag on. This means that days after Election Day itself, Americans still do not know who won the races in Arizona for governor and Senate.

The first indicator of serious problems materialized on Tuesday when Maricopa County announced its tabulators were not operating properly. The county came under immense criticism, with people rightfully stating it should have used the time leading up to Tuesday to ensure all machines were working.

Delays in results remain ongoing. However, Arizona Republican Kari Lake, who is running for governor, recently provided some critical updates.

The Latest From Lake
During a TV appearance, Lake revealed she has already been putting together the team that will work for her once she formally wins the gubernatorial election. Furthermore, the Republican candidate also stated this team will play a vital role in securing Arizona’s future elections.

As for the hold-ups in ballot counts, Lake expressed her full confidence in winning this election and defeating Democrat Katie Hobbs. The Arizona GOP candidate furthermore stressed that counties with uncounted ballots are those leaning in favor of Republicans.

In addition to prioritizing election security, Lake is going to use provisions within the Arizona Constitution to stop illegal immigration and the drug trafficking that comes along with it.

This is a big issue for Arizona as a border state. Throughout her campaign, Lake spoke about the dangers of fentanyl, which is all too often pouring into the state, thanks to a lack of border security.

Earlier this week, the Arizona Republican also warned that fentanyl is dangerous enough to be considered a “weapon of mass destruction.”

A Major Conflict of Interest
As Arizona’s elections run into serious problems, there is also a major conflict of interest that is giving Americans pause.

It just so happens that Katie Hobbs is not only Lake’s Democratic opponent in the race for governor, but she is also Arizona’s secretary of state. This position means Hobbs is involved in running the state’s elections, including the race in which she is a candidate.

Conservatives have pointed out that Hobbs should have recused herself, due to her candidacy in the Arizona governor’s race. This is yet another example of election changes that are long overdue in the Grand Canyon State.