Kamala’s New Staffer Caught Deleting Tweets

Vice President Kamala Harris’s new press secretary, Kristen Allen, deleted more than 10,000 tweets from her Twitter account just before she got hired by the White House. Kristen Allen, who was the national press secretary for COVID-19 at the Department of Health and Human Services, is replacing Symone Sanders as Kamala Harris’ new spokesperson, as CNN recently reported.

A social media analytic tool Social Blade shows that, early in January, Allen removed more than 10,000 tweets from her social media account. The data clearly indicates that on January 2 Allen had almost 18,000 tweets, but a week later, after January 10, she only had around 7,200 tweets, which suggests that Allen deleted more than 10,000 tweets.

Deleting tweets is often considered a normal practice during political job transitions; however, if a person deletes over 10,000 tweets before becoming the vice president’s staffer, it raises some really serious questions about the content of those tweets.

Another spokesperson for Kamala Harris informed Fox News that until February, the vice president’s office was not in contact with Allen.

While many others were deleted, Allen did leave various tweets on her social media that openly criticized Joe Biden during the time he was running for the Democratic nomination. One of these included a retweeted post that mocked Joe Biden for not being an active supporter of same-sex marriages.

A White House official said that the administration is excited to welcome the new member of their team. Kamala Harris’ office is captivated with controversial stories which have resulted in more than five staffers calling it quits or being asked to leave.

It is unclear what was in those deleted tweets. But according to Breitbart News, Allen had been actively sharing her radical views on social media.