Kamala On Pace to Be the Worst Vice-President Ever

It is an easy argument to make that Vice President Kamala Harris has already grabbed the mantle of worst VP in history after only one short year. A good place to start is her complete inability to articulate a message on anything. One of her most famous word salad appearances was when she was asked to break down the conflict in Ukraine on The Morning Hustle podcast.

Vice President Kamala Harris Says There Must Be Severe Consequences For Russia’s Actions

“Russia is a bigger country” is indicative of the tenor of her explanation where it sounds like she is always talking to kindergartners. Harris approaches all public speaking engagements in this manner, even when she is trying to manage the crisis in Ukraine. It is impossible to find a Vice President less skilled in conveying an administration’s message.

What about delivering on substantive issues? VP Harris was tasked early on in her tenure to tackle the border crisis. Millions of people have crossed the border since President Biden took office and Harris basically just ignored the problem.

There is a theory in Washington that the Biden administration keeps giving Harris assignments that they know she will fail at, and her office has gone on record saying as much. Even if this is true, the VP has demonstrated she does not have the executive skills required to solve big problems. Harris cannot even oversee her own office without defections from her own staff.

It has gotten so bad that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was forced to defend the departures in the Vice President’s office back in December, saying that working in public office is “hard.” So, we have established that Harris cannot communicate a message, cannot solve problems, and cannot even manage her own staff. All these things can be forgiven if she is likable. How is her polling with the American people? Well, her poll numbers are abysmal.

There is not one area that can be identified that Vice President Kamala Harris is even doing a passable job at. It is fair to say that she takes the title of worst Vice-President in history after only one year.